harry potter water bottle
Finding dory water bottle
harry potter water bottle
my melody water bottle
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SALE! Display Inventory 2020 - 18 & 36 Oz. Water Bottles

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2020 Inventory Sale 

We are selling our convention display inventory and "seconds" or "oops" inventory. 

This page is for our 18 oz and 36  oz Unbranded water bottles. 

Tumblers and mugs are listed separately HERE.

There is 1 available for each design(Darth Vader 18 Oz. has 2).

***Note: Shopify will let you add more, but when you check out it will revert back to the 1 that is available. ***

Once the design is sold out, it will be removed from the page. 

This is something new for us, so if you have any questions please let us know!

All purchases from this sale page are final and as-is.

They cannot be customized or altered. 

If you'd like something different made, we can still make it for you. Just not at these RTS Sale 2020 prices. 

If the design you want is not here, then it is either already sold or not included in this sale. 

Any "seconds" or "oopsy" designs will be clearly noted to differentiate which ones they are. 

Additional photos are available for most of the designs on their original listings.